What’s a Makerspace?

To describe them simply, makerspaces are community centers with tools. Makerspaces combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone. These spaces can take the form of loosely-organized individuals sharing space and tools, for-profit companies, non-profit corporations, organizations affiliated with or hosted within schools, universities or libraries, and more. All are united in the purpose of providing access to equipment, community, and education, and all are unique in exactly how they are arranged to fit the purposes of the community they serve.

Makerspaces represent the democratization of design, engineering, fabrication and education. They are a fairly new phenomenon, but are beginning to produce projects with significant national impacts.

We Provide

Manufacturing Facility

A maintained manufacturing facility which includes Tools, Machines, 3D Printers, Robotics, Drones, Electronics etc.

Access to the Space

Affordable monthly and daily membership plans that include access to our facility on weekdays and weekends.


A large range of affordable, publicly-accessible classes offered by professional coaches.

World Class Events

We plan and host world class events to help and encourage DIY culture and maker community expansion.

Material and Project Store

On-site material and project storage allowing community members to make and store projects without the hassle of handling material and storage logistics.

Hardware Incubation

Have an idea but do not know how to make it, we are there to make it for you. With hardware incubation we offer OEM development services to bring your ideas come to life.

Makerspace Toys

Play with the best tools to shape your ideas